Search bar in Sveltekit


In this post I’m going to show you how I made the search bar on the posts page and main page of my website.

I used a library called fuse.js for fuzzy searching for titles, here’s how it works.

<script lang="ts">import { Heading } from "flowbite-svelte";
import Post from "$lib/components/Post.svelte";
import Fuse from "fuse.js";
import { afterUpdate } from "svelte";
export let posts;
let query = "*";
let results = posts;
const options = { keys: ["meta.title"] };
const fuse = new Fuse(posts, options);
afterUpdate(() => {
  let results_ =;
  results = => ({ path: result.item.path, meta: result.item.meta }));

	style="display: inline"
	class="ml-8 my-4 text-secondary dark:text-dark-secondary w-auto">Posts</Heading
<input class="text-secondary" bind:value={query} />
	{#each results as post}
		<Post {post} />
	{#if results.length === 0}
		{#each posts as post}
			<Post {post} />

You can see I initialize the query to '*'. All this really does is sets the search field to * instead of being empty. Then in the input element I bind to the value of query so that when the user types in the field the value of query will change.

I do some more initialization of fuse.js to search and then I register afterUpdate(). This allows me to search only when the page changes.

Finally I added some logic to display all the posts if there are no results, like for example when the page loads.

All this together looks like the search bar you see on /posts and /.