Podman Auto Updating Systemd Services


Podman^1 has a nice feature called generate that lets you generate different kinds of configuration files for starting pods. One that I use often is podman generate systemd which generates a new user service that can be started with systemctl --user start container-yourcontainer.service or enabled.

If you want your container to auto update you can simply pass it the flag --label "io.containers.autoupdate=registry" when you’re creating it. The systemd service will automatically pull the latest versions of containers before starting them. You can manually update your container images now using podman auto-update.

If you want to update your images on a schedule you can enable the podman-auto-update.timer using systemctl --user enable --now podman-auto-update.timer which will auto update your containers every Monday morning.^2

You can also generate a Kubernetes YAML configurations using podman generate kube. This can then be loaded in Kubernetes to run your containers.